Form Without Formula - A Concise Guide to the Choreographic Process

By Patricia Beatty
Patricia Beatty has been one of the most influential figures in Canadian modern dance for more than 30 years. This short work, now in its fifth printing, is the rich and eloquent distillation of Beatty's accumulated choreographic wisdom.


Although its eight chapters on subjects ranging from music to working methods can be used as a "how to" guide for young choreographers, Beatty offers much more.


As friend and fellow choreographer Danny Grossman describes it: "Anyone interested in art in general and the creative process in particular should read this book. It deals with the very substance of art, personally, practically and with profundity."


About the Author
Patricia Beatty was born in Toronto. She studied dance at Vermont's Bennington College and in New York with numerous teachers including intensive training at the Martha Graham School. In 1967, Beatty founded the New Dance Group of Canada and a year later became a co-director of the Toronto Dance Theatre. An acclaimed teacher and dancer, Beatty has created may choreographic works for Toronto Dance Theatre as well as for independent dance artists.

Form Without Formula - A Concise Guide to the Choreographic Process

  • Softcover, 7" x 5", 64 pp., 10 photographs and illustrations

    ISBN: 0-929003-17-9