DCD The Magazine - Issue 63, Spring 2007

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  • Opening Remarks - Miriam Adams

  • In the Archives: 50th Anniversary of the Canada Council for the Arts - Amy Bowring

  • Celia Franca

  • Les Grands Ballets Canadiens at 50 - Linde Howe-Beck

  • Fernand Nault 1920-2006

  • Alberta Ballet: 40 Years On - Michael Crabb

  • Glamor is Easy! Take the word of physical culture and beauty specialists – you can have it if you try, The Star Weekly, January 29, 1938 - Anne Rowan

  • Betty Oliphant: The Artistry of Teaching, Preface - Nadia Potts

  • Dancing Women/Women Dancing - Seika Boye

  • David Morrison 1960-2007

  • Remembering David Morrison - Michael deConinck Smith

DCD The Magazine - Issue 63, Spring 2007

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