DCD The Magazine - Issue 62, Fall 2006

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  • Opening Remarks - Miriam Adams

  • In the Archives: Spanning Generations: Mother and Daughter Performers (Sheila Milsom Wilde and Anne Hoban Wilde) - Amy Bowring

  • Boris Volkoff: The Beginnings - John Ayre

  • Excerpt from Fifteen Heterosexual Duets - James Kudelka - Laurence Lemieux

  • Jeanne Renaud: In Her Own Time - Ray Ellenwood

  • Moving Mountains: A History of Dance and Movement at the Banff School of Fine Arts, 1933-1967 - Amy Bowring

  • Choreographer David Earle Wins Walter Carsen Prize

  • Joysanne Sidimus: Recipient of 2006 Governor General's Performing Arts Award 

  • Dance Collection Danse Hosts Grassroots Archiving Workshops

DCD The Magazine - Issue 62, Fall 2006

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