DCD The Magazine - Issue 55, 2003

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  • In Memory – Lawrence Adams, November 2, 1936-February 26, 2003 - Miriam Adams

  • New in the Archives: Irina Carlsen-Reid - Leland Windreich

  • Jean-Pierre Perrault, February 16, 1947-December 4, 2002 ... Recollections - Iro Valaskakis Tembeck

  • Pondering La Dragu - Kaija Pepper, Carol Anderson, Amy Bowring and Allana Lindgren

  • The Automatists Revisited: Carolyn Bilderback Concert - Allana Lindgren

  • Ten Choreographic Works of the 20th Century - Miriam Adams

  • Masterworks ... The Panelists

  • Masterworks ... From 3 Points of View - René Blouin, Carl Morey and Peggy Gale

  • Masterworks ... The Dances - Chantal Pontriand
    Businessman in the Process of Becoming an Angel, Édouard Lock
    Chagall, Ginette Laurin
    Double Quartet, Brian Macdonald
    Glass Houses, Christopher House
    In Paradisum, James Kudelka
    JOE, Jean-Pierre Perreault
    Les Males Heures, Paul-André Fortier
    Sacra Conversazione, David Earle
    Le Sacre du printemps, Marie Chouinard
    Sisyphus, Karen Jamieson

DCD The Magazine - Issue 55, 2003

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