DCD The News - Issue 41, 1995

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  • Opening Remarks - Miriam Adams
  • In the Archives: Unearthing Histories of Canadian Dance Pioneer Nesta Toumine - Rosie Spooner
  • Marie Chouinard: The Very Enfant Terrible - Philip Szporer
  • Impulse & Innovation: The Art of Don Gillies - Amy Bowring
  • Building the Fire: Spanish and Flamenco Dance in Vancouver - Kaija Pepper
  • Vincent Warren: An Artist of Compassion - Victor Swoboda
  • Rachel Remembered - Carol Anderson
  • Jillian Officer, 1931-2012: Bringing Legacy to Life - Ruth Priddle and Rhonda Ryman
  • A Man of Memory and Wit: Leland Windreich, 1926-2012 - Kaija Pepper

DCD The News - Issue 41, 1995

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