DCD The News - Issue 40, 1995

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  • Dancing at the War
  • Opening Remarks - Lawrence Adams - Miriam Adams
  • New in the Archives (Andrew Oxenham, Rosalind Dilworth, Dimitri Vladimiroff, Jolyne Gilliere Ferry, Margaret McBain Spafford, Felix Cherniavsky, Maud Allan, Verity Sweeny Purdy, Johnny Brown)
  • Olympic Fervour 1936 Berlin Dance Festival - John Ayre
  • Daphne Korol
  • Grant Strate
  • Cecchetti on the way ...
  • Wunderkammern 
  • Laban Meets The Wise Virgins 
  • Early Toronto Dance Teachers

DCD The News - Issue 40, 1995

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