Cecchetti: A Ballet Dynasty

By Livia Brillarelli
Translator: Deborah Oslansky


The story of the Cecchetti family of dancers whose lineage descends from the early 1700s, is a remarkable tale of talent, celebrity and enterprise.


Livia Brillarelli authored this book following her research into the Cecchetti family's personal archives. Through a feast of photographs and fascinating narrative, a new perspective is drawn on four generations of Cecchetti dancers, beginning with Enrico's dancing parents to his grandson, the last member of this remarkable family dynasty.


Writer Giannandrea Poesio comments: A significant aspect of Enrico Cecchetti's life and career is that he operated within three very different epochs of theatrical dancing - the Italian "ballo", the Russian Imperial Ballet and Diaghilev's Ballets Russes - passing from one to the other with remarkable eclecticism.

This book makes a significant contribution to an international resurgence of interest in Cecchetti and encourages the reader to revisit the legend.


About the Author 

Livia Brillarelli was born in Macerata, Italy. An opera singer by training, she has taught at the Luigi Parandello School in Civitanova Marche. She has also acted as the co-ordinator for the Cultural Division at Monte San Giusto as well as the Centro Studi Civitanova, organizing performances, exhibitions, and conferences on famous musicians and local history. Livia is also the author of several books and articles about Italian artists.

Cecchetti: A Ballet Dynasty

  • Softcover, 11" x 8.5", 88 pp., 83 duotone and colour photographs and illustrations

    ISBN: 0-929003-27-6