A Delicate Battle


Director: Mark Adam
Choreographer: Matjash Mrozewski

Mark Adam delivers a stunning adaptation of Matjash Mrozewski’s A Delicate Battle. In the words of critic Michael Crabb: “Mrozewski’s ballets differ markedly, but mutability, uncertainty, impermanence and human isolation are recurrent themes. He weaves surrealism and naturalism into unique theatrical experiences ...”

MARK ADAM a former professional dancer with The National Ballet of Canada, Ballet Arizona and Ballet de Montréal, has combined his twin passions of dance and film into a successful career since 1991. Since 1994, he has directed, produced and edited more than 25 dance-based films and television programs for Kaeja d’Dance, The National Ballet of Canada, Toronto Dance Theatre, Bravo! and CBC. These include Old Country, Departure, Zummel, Sarah, Witnessed, 1939 and Resistance (with Allen Kaeja). He completed three films for CBC’s “Opening Night”; The Imprint of Water with Dominique Dumais; The Dancers’ Story: 50 Years of The National Ballet of Canada, and Old Country with Allen Kaeja.
MATJASH MROZEWSKI – classicist, fusionist, dance dramatist – is a choreographer whose work has won over audiences and critics in North America, Europe and Australia. Mrozewski started creating dance while studying at Canada's National Ballet School. He continued to choreograph after he joined The National Ballet of Canada. Mrozewski danced for two years in Europe, and on his return to Canada launched his choreographic career with A Delicate Battle, for the National Ballet in 2001. In the past ten years, Mrozewski has created original works for, among others, The Royal Ballet, The Australian Ballet, The San Francisco Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, The Royal Danish Ballet, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and The Royal Ballet of Flanders.
Mrozewski has also worked extensively in contemporary ballet and modern dance. In 2003 he was the first recipient of the National Arts Centre Youth Commission for Dance, which led to his first full-length work, Break Open Play. Mrozewski has choreographed for musical theatre, special events and the catwalk. Six dance films have been made of his original and adapted choreographies.

A Delicate Battle

  • DVD - 26 minutes