2021 performers

The 2021 induction ceremony features four unique performances.

Performance Producers: Anisa Tejpar and Jennifer Nichols

DCD is delighted to have the following artists participate in the celebration:

The 2021 Performers Are:


Welcome to the Club
Vocalist: Michah Barnes
Accompanist: Patrick Hewan
Music: From the Micah Barnes album, Vegas Breeze

Choreographer: Feryn Karahkwiiohstha King
Performer: Feryn King
Music: Iskwe


Paul-André Fortier

Feryn Karahkwiiohstha King

Ce Printemps / Spring (An Excerpt)
Choreographer: Margie Gillis
Performer: Ruth Naomi Levin


Ruth Naomi Levin and Margie Gillis

Fandangos de Huelva

Choreography: Valerie Scannura
Performers: Valerie Scannura, Roger Scannura
Music: Roger Scannura

rogdark Laura Jane Petelko.jpg
shawl Laura Jane Petelko.jpg

Roger and Valerie Scannura

Four Old Legs (An Excerpt)

Choreography: James Kudelka
Performers: Evelyn Hart, Zhenya Cerneacov

Photo: Jeremy Mimnaugh

Jeremy Mimnagh.jpg

James Kudelka, Zhenya Cerneacov and Evelyn Hart

Folk Dance

Improvography: Tanya Knights, Travis Knights 
Performers: Tanya Knights, Travis Knights, Jenna Marie

Music: Jenna Marie


Travis and Tanya Knights