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The 2019 induction ceremony will feature four unique pop-up performances.

DCD is delighted to have the following artists participate in the celebration:

The 2019 Performers Are:


Choreography: Guillaume Côté
Dancers: Hannah Fischer and Brendan Saye
Music: Leonard Cohen, performed by Jeff Buckley
Photo: Karolina Kuras

Guillaume Côté


Nova Dance

Choreography: Nova Bhattacharya & dancers

Dancers: Neena Jayarajan, Meera Kanageswaran, Supriya Nayak, Atri Nundy, Nivedha Ramalingam

Music: Ed Hanley & dancers

Photo: Dahlia Katz

Paul-André Fortier

Nova Dance

15 X At Night

Choreography: Paul-André Fortier

Dancer: Naishi Wang

Photo: Xavier Curnillon

Naishi Wang


Choreography: Judi Lopez, O'Shani Cardwell, Jaay Dyer

Dancers: Judi Lopez, O'Shani Cardwell, Jaay Dyer

Music: DJ Fleg x DJ Skillkid: Circle Industry Bboy/Bgirl

Photo: C.J. Cromwell