The 2018 induction ceremony was hosted by CBC Journalist, Laurie Brown.​​


Laurie is a passionate advocate for the arts and artists in Canada. She has built a reputation as an accomplished interviewer and seasoned broadcaster by bringing out the best in Canadian artists.


Laurie hosted The Signal on CBC Radio 2 for the last 10 years, a much loved late night music program. Now, she hosts her own podcast called Pondercast. 

The 2018 Presenters included arts luminaries:

Micah Barnes

Louise Bédard

Seika Boye

Guillaume Côté

Pierre Des Marais

Paul-André Fortier

Pamela Grundy

Deepti Gupta

Evelyn Hart

The Encore! Dance Hall of Fame will be housed as a virtual, online museum that will be archived and replenished yearly with new inductees.

Laurie Brown

Paul-André Fortier